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General disclaimers and disclaimers for Episode 1.01, "Welcome to L.A."

The Destroyer is my attempt to write a television series that focuses on the character of Connor from Angel: the Series. The series and the events in it begin in October of 2004, almost five months after the events depicted in "Not Fade Away". It is for fun and entertainment purposes only (especially my own!), definitely reflects my own personal interpretation of Connor, and is in no way the best writing I've ever done.

It's in television script format and follows canon to the best of my abilities.

I don't own any of these characters. OK, I'm wrong, I own some of them. The ones I made up. The other ones belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy, as does the rich Buffyverse history tapped into to create this fic.

Rated PG-13 (some violence, mild cursing)

AtS and BtVS spoilers up through the end of both shows

Summary: After Connor experiences difficulty adjusting to the return of his old memories, his befuddled parents send him to college in Los Angeles in hopes of finding him some help.

Special thanks and smoochies to crimsonsenya, who is enabling me in my new addiction. Couldn't have done it without you, babes.
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