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Orlon Window

You can't quarantine the past

The Destroyer: the series
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This community is for the Angel spinoff series The Destroyer based on the character of Connor, Angel's son. It begins five months after the events of "Not Fade Away" and follows the adventures of Connor as he tries to get on with his life after the return of his old memories. In "Not Fade Away", Connor insisted that the memories of his actual life were no more real to him than a dream, and that he didn't "want to make a thing" of his actual past. But as he will discover, it's not so easy to quarantine real memories behind fake ones, or to deny the heritage he was born to, or to escape destinies that run as deep as blood.

So polish your axes and join us fighting the demons without and the demons within... The Destroyer.

Forgotten what's happened in earlier episodes? Check out The Destroyer wiki. Spoilers for all season 2 episodes.

Season 1

1.01 Welcome to L.A.
1.02 By Design
1.03 Training Day
1.04 Hunters
1.05 For Nothing
1.06 Blood
1.07 Break Down
1.08 From Dusk 'til Dawn I
1.09 From Dusk 'til Dawn II
1.10 Through A Glass, Darkly
1.11 Strange and Violent
1.12 The Visitor
1.13 Inside
1.14 Outside
1.15 Two Made One
1.16 Blood Magic
1.17 The Life of Reilly
1.18 Real
1.19 In the Family
1.20 Who I Am
1.21 Heart of Darkness
1.22 Beneath


Season 2

2.01 Dead
2.02 Knowledge
2.03 Inappropriately Neurotic
2.04 Dramatis Personae
2.05 Twisted
2.06 Twisted II
2.07 Though This Be Madness
2.08 in/victus
2.09 It's an Ordinary Life
2.10 Saturday Night in the City of the Dead
2.11 Hotspot
2.12 Maelstrom
2.13 The Darkness
2.14 Heroes and Demons
2.15 Enemies at the Gate
2.16 Going Under
2.17 Immortal Sins, Pt I
2.18 Immortal Sins, Pt II
2.19 Amor Fati

~ End of series ~

The series is written by masqthephlsphr
This community is maintained by crimsonsenya

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